Do you feel disconnected as a mom?

Are you trying to find a way to enjoy being a mom?

Have you tried to focus but feel trapped by overwhelming mommy guilt?

The Mommy Consultant Method provides online courses for moms of kids ages 1-10 who want to move from overwhelming with mommy guilt to being more mindful, confident and connected to their purpose as a mom and in their family.

The Mommy Consultant Method introduction course will help you move to being more mindful and give you clear strategies on how to navigate motherhood!

NOTE*** This is not a replacement for therapy services.

Hello! I am Michelle Kais a licensed therapist and mommy coach/consultant.

I am passionate about helping ambitious moms of little ones move from overwhelming mommy guilt to becoming more mindful, connected and passing down generational wellness to their kids.

My passion started when I had my child and I found myself on the bathroom floor crying daily. I walked into work one day and could not continue on. As a therapist, I knew something was wrong, so I began a mental health journey that led to creating a clear and focused wellness plan for myself.

I began using a tailor made wellness plan and strategies with my clients and I saw a pattern. My clients would quickly move to being more mindful and putting their needs first while taking care of their kids. I knew I wanted to share this knowledge and make it more accessible to moms.

When I am not coaching moms, I am spending time by the pool with my family while reading, meditating and trying to be grateful in the mess of mommyhood. 

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Connect with your kids

The daily tasks of motherhood make it hard to spend focused time with our kids. Our courses help you to have more energy to stay connected to your kids.

Find joy in motherhood

The biggest complaint with moms is that they might not find being a mom joyful. This is due to not feeling fulfilled in your life. Our courses help you to find yourself again.

Learn how to be present

Our mind is often racing with thoughts on completing tasks and providing care for our kids. This keeps us from being in the moment and enjoying our life. Our courses provide you with strategies to help you be more focused and present.

Hello! I am your Mommy Consultant

Imagine having someone to guide you through the difficulties of motherhood to help you feel more mindful, calm and connected!